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  1. Gain the specialised knowledge and skills to understand the spectrum of accommodation and care options available to senior Australians.
  2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various legislative frameworks, contracts and personal legal considerations, together with the financial arrangements of provider fees and charges; pensions and government entitlements, financial planning strategies and means testing arrangements.
  3. Acquire the necessary skills to critically analyse, develop and deliver advice with a clear understanding of the legal and financial considerations coupled with the ability to access and afford care.

All advisers of Bravien Financial have attended the Aged Care Guru’s specialist workshop, where the standard of both instruction and required examination is extremely high. With those high standards in mind, we consider it an honour that Rachel has included our firm within the network of Aged Care Gurus. Further, we use the services of her team and para-planners on a regular basis. The turn around times are exceptional, the technical analysis fantastic and the clarity of the written documentation is brilliant for clients." Jeremy Gillman-Wells

Rachel is in my view the pre-eminent expert in the complex field of Aged Care technical advice. Rachel mixes technical excellence with true caring for the elderly to provide her network of advisers with a passion to serve the families in need of help." Craig Billing

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